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This was our FIRST product that has continued to reign supreme. While working in the salon our main clientele were our Natural hair community. Doing a lot of protective styling led to the birth of this product. The foundation of a healthy head of hair is a healthy scalp and keeping it fresh and clean is important. Providing a product to decrease itchy and dry scalp was very important to us and we birthed our Scalp Cleanser! This was an exclusive product for our clients and NOW it's for YOU!

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  • K Hogan

    I recently started my loc journey back in March of 2020. I knew my first few shampoos with my new locs needed to be handled with care. Your product was recommended by my stylist and I loved it!!!

  • Toni A

    Mangled Mane Twisting Cream: This is a very versatile product! You can use it on your twisted styles (wet or dry), when maintaining locs, and even on naturally curly hair. I experimented with it and I discover different ways to use this moisturizing cream. Very pleased!

  • Latasha

    It was such a pleasure to meet you… I’ve already started applying some of the wisdom you shared!

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