Bedtime Routine on a hair growth journey!

Bedtime Routine on a hair growth journey!

What's going on peeps?!  It's a new season; my favorite at that, and ya girl is feeling goodt!  So, after deciding to go through a slight hair growth journey; I've decided to be a little more conscious of my night time hair routine.  When my hair is a little shorter, I find myself being a little more relaxed with a routine and it was okay.  However, with longer hair it has to not only "look" good but also be in the healthiest state possible to get the best look.  Hair maintenance also becomes a little easier when your hair is in it's healthiest state that is rooted from a good hair routine.
Before Bed :

  • I will always say be sure to hydrate not only throughout the day.  End your night with a glass of water.
  • As my hair is get longer I will twist my hair up (it's usually already twisted now since I wear wigs now that it's cooler)
  • Ensuring I freshen up my scalp and relieve my scalp of itchiness (Scalp Cleanser - by ME)
  • Pick my favorite moisturizing product and apply lightly from roots to ends (I use Mangled Mane)
  • LASTLY....ensuring I apply my favorite scarf/bonnet/headwrap (unless you sleep on a satin pillow case....then don't worry about this step)

But don't forget to give the scalp a little extra stimulation prior to adding your hair wrap.  Stimulate those follicles AND...I mean it feels soooo good.  If you have someone with you that's willing it's even better to ask them to lend their hands so you can truly enjoy it!  Then it's Good Night!!

*Hair Serums/Oils shouldn't be used every night maybe every 2-3 nights depending on your hair*

Until Next Time peeps!!!!

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