For the Love of the Clove!

For the Love of the Clove!

This post is definitely a spicy one (pun  Let's get into a spice that some may know a bit about, and that's CLOVE.  Now, you may be familiar with this particular spice during the holidays if your grandma/big momma, or our favorite desert maker uses this in those amazing sweet potato pies.  Anyway, this isn't about; it's about it's benefit to our hair AND skin.  Heavy on the hair benefits though.  Infusing your water with CLOVE can be great for a nice spritz for your hair to encourage hair thickness, shine, and strengthen your hair.  Another benefit is the assistance of treating dandruff.  With those results you can also experience some hair growth/retention.  An easy way to prepare your clove rinse; I suggest to make it as needed so you won't have to worry about keeping it refrigerated :

  • Bring your water to a boil (1 cup)
  • Add your cloves (6 cloves)
  • Don't transfer right away to your dispenser of choice until cool

You don't have to rinse this out as clove is noted as a natural conditioner.  There is no issue with utilizing your clove water daily.  This is a great option when you're rocking those braids, twists, etc and you want to ensure that you keep your hair moisturized.

Did you know that you could make a tea to drink for some great benefits (i.e. increase metabolism, sinus issues, can aid in clearing up skin issues by assisting with clearing toxins from your body) as well?  If you're working on clearing up acne and/or blemishes from acne; maybe  Well, you know we always stress that what we put inside our bodies reflect on the outside.  Will you be trying this as part of your hair regimen?  If so; remember to share your results with us.  You can find the whole clove spice on Amazon or at your local Supermarkets.

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