Hair Growth Tip!

Hair Growth Tip!

How are you my good people?!  We are in the Summer months and whew the heat is playing no games with us.  This is the time to take advantage of being lazy with your hair by keeping healthy, low tension hairstyles; better known as protective styles.  Twists, Braids, and many of the low manipulation styles will be our friend. Remember, not all protective styles require adding extensions.  However, let's not keep our styles longer than about 8 wks or so to maintain a healthy hair regimen. DON'T forget that what we put inside our body is just as important as the products that we use in our hair and scalp (as well as on our body).  Keep yourself hydrated as well...not just for those organs, but your skin and strands will thank you too!!!!...Until next time ✌🏾...Oh and Remember we have the best products to maintain that clean and fresh scalp to help promote healthy hair growth (Healthy Scalp Duo *you can use separately as well....but great together*).

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