It's just hair...But it's NOT JUST hair!!

It's just hair...But it's NOT JUST hair!!

There's certain times of the year that we go for different looks.  Changing your hair color during different seasons is a popular one.  Well for me; I'm a random being and I'll just make a change and say..."Well, it's just will grow back"  or "I can change it if I don't like it."  I know I know I'm always changing my mind because I was JUST on a growth journey months ago and now.....*shakes head in shame*LOL   No real reason why I made this decision; I just did it!  Anyone else this way?  However, no matter how much or little hair I have; the hair care/maintenance is always important.  Always love your hair AND scalp with a good routine.    

Hair care sponsored by Mane Elevation healthy hair care products.

Go To for my short hair : Hydrating Co-Wash (Just because my hair is short doesn't mean I should wash it daily) and I must continue to utilize our Silk-Satin Mane Elevation Bonnet at bedtime.

What style are you rocking right now?  

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