Protective Style looks

Maintaining my Mane with my favorite Protective Style (Braids/Locs)!

Spring is slowly approaching and this is for sure the time of the protective styles.  Many of us will be adding extensions for braids, twists, and etc.  As for me, I can't wait to get my faux  If you're anything like me; then you would believe that particular style definitely looks better with age.  This is a thought due to how close it looks to growing out of your scalp as you begin to develop some new growth and the hair then becomes a bit worn.  Scalp treatment is so important during this time as you will be sweating more and that also attracts dirt.  So, keeping your scalp clean is important and our Scalp Cleanser is the best for that.  With faux locs it can be a little difficult to get to your hair for the most part however I would suggest you do your best to add moisture to your strands by adding some conditioner with a steam treatment as well.  Trust, some product and moisture will seep through the wrapped hair and your hair will thank you.  Keep your scalp clean and nourished and watch that hair flourish.  I can't wait to get mines!!!  Scalp Cleanser deal on our site SHOP and use Code: Cleanscalp and get 1 Hydrating Co-Wash 1/2 OFF.....Perfect pair for Protective style maintenance!!!

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